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  21. The nuclear family _ a self-contained, self-satisiying unit composed of father,mother and children.

  A. refers to B. defines C. describes D. devotes to

  22.Some polls show that roughly two-thirds of the general public believe that elderly Americans are by social isolation and loneliness.

  A. reproached B. favored C. plagued D. reprehended

  23.In addition to bettering group and individual performance,cooperation the quality of interpersonal relationship.

  A. ascends  B. compels C. enhances D. prefers

  24. In the past 50 years, there _ a great increase in the amount of research      on the human brain.

  A. was. . . did   B. has been. . . to be done

  C. was. . . doing  D. has been. . .done

  25."I must have eaten something wrong. I feel like       . "We told you not to eut at a restaurant. You' d better_ at home when you are not in the shape. "

  A. to throw up. . . to eat   B. throwing up. .. eating

  C. to throw up. . . eat     D. throwing up. . . eat

  26. Parents have to show due concerns to their children’screativity and emotional output ;oth­erwise what they think beneficial to the kids might probably_their enthusiasmand aspirations.

  A. hold back B. hold to C. hold down D. hold over

  27.According to psychoanalysis, a person `s attention is attracted      by the intensity of different signals by their context, significance, and information content.

  A. not less than... as  B. as. - . just as

  C. so much. ..as  D. not so much.. . as

  28.They moved to Portland in 1998 and lived in a big house, _to the south.

  A. the windows of which opened B. the windows of il opened

  C. its windows opened D. the windows of which opening

  29.The lady who has _for a night in the dead of the winter later turned out to be a distant relation of his.

  A. put him up   B. put him out C. put him on D. put him in

  30. Bystanders,_ ,  _as they walked past lines of ambulances.

  A. bloody and covered with dust, looking dazed

  B. bloodied and covered with dust, looked dazed

  C. bloody and covered with dust, looked dazed

  D. bloodied and covered with dust, looking dazed

  31.Hong Kong was not a target for terror attacks, the Government insisted yesterday, as the US closed for an apparent security review.

  A. Consultation B. ConstitutionC. Consulate D. Consular

  32. American fans have selected Yao in a vote for the All-Star game           The legendary 0' Neul, who_the " Great Wall" at the weekend as the Rockets beat the LosAngeles Lakers.

  A. in head of, ran on B. in head of, ran into

  C. ahoad of, ran onto D. ahead of, ran into

  33. Professional archiviats and librarians have the resources lo duplicate materials in other for­mats and the expertise to retrieve materials trapped in      computers.

  A. abstract B. ubsulele C. obstinate D. obest

  34. She always prints important documents and stores a backup set at her house. " I actually Think there' s  something about the _of paper that  feels more comforting ," she said.

  A. tangibility B. tangl C. tangent D. tunlalization

  35."They said what we always knew," suid an administration source——。

  A. he asked not to be named B. who asked not to be named

  C. who asked not be named D. who asked not named

  36.In Germany, the induslriul giants Daimer and  Siemens recently      their unions into signing contracts that lengthen work hours without increasing pay.

  A. muscled B. moved C. mushed D. muted

  37. He argues that the policy has done little to ease joblessness, and has left the country .

  A. energized B. enervated C. nerved D. enacted

  38. Tlie more people hear his demented rants , the more they see that he is a terrorist_

  A. who is pure and simple B. being pure and simple

  C. pure and simple D. as pure and simple

  39. This expansion of rights has led to both a paralysis of the public service and to a rapid and terrible_in the character of the population.

  A. determination B. deterioration C. desolation D. desperation

  40.__a declining birth rate, there will be an over-supply of 27, 000 primary school places by 2010, _leaving 35 schools idle.

  A. Coupled with, equals to B. Coupling with, equivalent to

  C. Coupled with, equivalent to D. Coupling with, equals to


  21. A句意:"核心家庭"指的是由父亲、母亲和孩子组成的独立、令人满意的单元。Refer  to提到,说到,涉及到。define解释,阐明,给…下定义(通常用于define sth. as结构中)。describe描写,形容。devote to把…献给,贡献于。

  22. C句意:调查显示大约三分之二的人认为美国老人饱受孤独的折磨。plague给某人造成麻烦或困难。reproach责备,责怪。favor支持,赞成。reprehend批评或指责。

  23. C句意:…合作能够增进人际关系。enhance提高,增强。ascend上升,升髙。Compel强迫,迫使。prefer更喜欢,宁愿。

  24. D根据in the past 50 years判断,需用现在完成时。过去分词短语和不定式都能做定语,但本句想表达的是已经做了的实验,因此应用过去分词表完成和被动, 选项D正确。

  25. D   feel like doing固定结构,意为"想要做某事",you' d better do sth.你最好做某事

  26. A句意:…否则他们原本认为会对孩子有利的亊情可能会抑制孩子的热情和抱负',hold back抑制,阻止。hold to坚持,紧握。hold sth. down使某物保持低水平, 压住某物。hold ovor延缓或推迟(常用语被动浯态)。

  27.D 句意:根据心理分析,一个人的注意力被不同信号吸引的程度不如被它们的环静、重要性和信息内容吸引程度强。Not so much  as不如…那样多。

  28. A   the windows of which引导定语从句,修饰house,定语从句需要谓语动词, 只能用过去式opened不能用分词opening。

  29. A  put sb.up向某人提供食宿。put sb. out使某人失去知觉。put sb. on to sb.帮助某人或会晤某人, put sb. in使某人参加(竞赛等)。

  30. B   bloodied和covered两个过去分词短语在句屮作定语,looked是句子谓语动词

  31. C句意:…美国领事馆关闭进行安全检查consulate领事馆。Cumultation请教,咨询,砭商。constitution 宪法。consular领事的。

  32. C 句意:全明星投票中,美国球迷对姚明的支持多于奧尼尔,奥尼尔在周末火箭队战胜湖人队的比赛中遭遇了姚明。ahead of处于领先地位,领先。run into遭遇,遇见。

  33. B句意:…有专门技术能够提取出那些储存在不再使用的电脑中的资料。不再使用的,过时的。abstract抽象的,深奥的。obstinate倔强的,顽固的。obese肥胖的,肥大的。

  34. A   tangibility of paper纸张的可触知性。tangledness乱团。tangent切线。tantalization逗弄,招引。

  35. B   who引导定语从句,修饰an administration source, ask sb. not to do是固定结构。asked not to be named要求不具名。

  36. A   muscle强行挤入以分享利益。mush压碎。mute使减弱(声音)。

  37. B句意:他争辩说这项政策丝毫未缓解失业问题,却使国家失去活力。enervate使失去力量或精力,使衰弱。energize使活跃,给予精力。nerved有勇气的,有精力的。enact制定法律,颁布。

  38. C句意:听着他狂乱的演说,人们越来越觉得他是个十足的恐怖分子。pure and simple完全的,十足的。

  39. B句意:权利的扩张使得公共服务瘫痪,也导致了人口素质的急剧退化。deterioration 退化, 变坏。determination决心,果断。desolation荒废,荒芜。desperation 绝望。

  40. C   coupled with与…联系在一起。equivalent to形容词短语在句中做伴随状语。